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If you are just considering Faith Based Investing, or want to learn more, we've got a wealth of articles to help deepen your understanding.
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Looking for a local advisor who shares your faith? Search by zip code to find a Certified Kingdom Advisor near you and ask about investing in alignment with your values. You don't have to settle for less.
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Do you love the idea of a virtual advisor you can connect with from the comfort of your home? Need financial planning and values-aligned investments? Do you have $250k+ to invest? Wealth Squared helps investors pursue both profits + a positive impact.
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How we use our money matters...

Wealthfluence uses a spear in its imagery because we believe that investing with Kingdom values in mind can help to push back the darkness in a world that feels like it is losing its light every day. Before you connect with an advisor, it's good to meditate on the "why". Rachel has a wealth of resources at Make Your Money Count.

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Ready to invest with purpose, but need a local advisor?

The Certified Kingdom Advisor search tool is great place to find local financial advisors who help clients "plan their finances in accordance with Christian values". Be sure to ask specifically for investments that align with your values (as not all CKAs provide faith-based investments). If you're open to a virtual advisor instead, check out Wealth Squared below.

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Wealth Squared

Wealth Squared was founded by Rachel McDonough.

The firm has invested in some of the best technology to connect deeply with clients while serving virtually. Invest with the "head and the heart" approach, balancing risk and return goals with your desire to make a positive impact.

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